Another thing I failed at? Tummy time

The Tiny Dark Lord very much dislikes the tummy time, and so I dislike it too. I told myself that he spends enough time holding his head up in other positions and so maybe we could just count them as his muscle-building, flat-head-avoiding exercises. Yesterday, though, I got him on the floor. He was on a blanket, mind you, and not on the actual carpet. This is the original shag carpet from 1978 and I don't want to think about what lives in it. Also you get rug burns just from walking on it barefoot. It is awful stuff.

Anyway, on his tummy. Only this time, instead of drooling and snuffling onto the blanket for a few minutes before finally whining to be picked up, something different happened. He propped himself right up, stared me straight in the eye, opened his mouth and said, "Yeah, I'm done with this," and flipped himself over onto his back.

I was so excited that I got out the video camera and made him do it again. See if you can catch the moment when he spots the electronics.


Bridget said... [reply]

You have a pleasant voice!

You're not really failing at these parenting tasks. You're just on the fast track toward becoming like us non-first-time moms. Welcome to mediocrity! It is beautiful, and easier here.

Dan said... [reply]

Tummy time is overated. Do what works for you and him. Especially if he can roll over to where he wants to be already!
PS-there is no such thing as super mom...only crazy over worked mom. The more kids you have, the more "rules" you will bend to work for you and your family. I bend most of the rules. Sometimes they get bent back, but not usually. :)

perkiwindy said... [reply]

Sorry, not Dan...that was his wife Windy.....don't be creeped out... :)

AmyJane said... [reply]

You get that if he can roll over he is getting enough tummy time/other excercise, right? So you totally DIDN'T fail!

PS "Mediocrity" in parenting also falls under that better titls of moderation. In all things, remember? The extremes of anything are usually to be avoided. Parenting extremes included. You're doing just fine, trust me.

Claire said... [reply]

Your child = awesome.

So I just saw this video and thought you might like it!

Lindsey said... [reply]
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Lindsey said... [reply]

You SO don't need to feel bad about the tummy time. They ALL hate it. I always just had to remember all the time my boys spent lying on my chest (on their tummies!)trying to lift their heads up and look around and remember that counts too. And, honestly, if he's strong enough to pull his head up, look at you, and flip over, you're doing just fine.

coolmom said... [reply]

I need to see this in action!!!

pianochick said... [reply]

oh yeah, and about that carpet, my. very. favorite. was when my babies were crawling around on that crap and then stopped for a second to suck on their fists. yum.

MBC said... [reply]

There is nothing better than a baby in stripes.

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