So many of cowboys!

Because the city of Logan does not have a 4th of July parade, we went to the one in Lewiston, a town about 20 miles north with a population of 1,750. GH's Grammy lived in Lewiston for twenty years and so this is the parade his family goes to.

LDS Chapel along Main Street. 

There were many Future Cowboys of America in attendance, as well as their Future Rodeo Queens of America siblings. Check out the pictorial evidence. 

Note: not cowpersons, do not be fooled by the hat


cowboys and their sisters--don't miss the hair on the two little girls!

cowboy men, including one with a lasso, you are welcome

zoned-out cowboy on a float--precious!

We accidentally angered some cowpersons at the start of the parade. Turns out that in Lewiston, to some people, parking a truck next to the curb on a parade route is meant to indicate that you have reserved not only the space the truck is on but also all the space between the truck and the parade, and maybe all the grass behind the truck, and possibly the entire universe.

The rest of us did not know this, and so filled in with our camping chairs and blankets and what have you. Then all the truck owners and their families showed up after the parade had begun and were dismayed to find that there was no room for their chairs, and then we got to pretend not to hear a bunch of passive-aggressive remarks made to each other about how, "Gosh, you'd think that when somebody sees a truck here they should rillize that this whole area is saved!"

Actually, Princii, it doesn't work this way. If you have a spot in mind, you need to create a perimeter around it. The truck was the only thing you put down, and you'll notice that none of us are touching it. So have fun watching the parade from the bed. Or hood. 

Again. Perimeter.

One thing that may be unique to Cache Valley parades are the treats. Kids come carrying plastic grocery bags because the people on the floats throw candy. It's usually cheap stuff like Tootsie Rolls and saltwater taffy, but sometimes you'll get a frozen Otter Pop lobbed at your head, and that's fun. 

Check out the Dairy Princesses distributing taffy for throwing:

All the royalty from the different towns come out on their floats, like they've been doing every time one of the towns has its summer festival. (Brigham City has Peach Days, Richmond has Black & White Days (cows, not races, because then it would just be White Days), Smithfield has Health Days, etc.) Then all the floats packed up and went south so they could redo the whole thing at noon in Hyrum, which is where my sister Jenny and her family were celebrating. 

Here are the girls from Wellsville:

The local high school marching bands and color guards were there, and a bunch of people drove through in really old vintage cars. Sometimes the "float" was really just a van with people throwing candy out the windows and a company logo on the side for carpet cleaners. There were also lots and lots of horses, mostly with Rodeo Queen/Princess riders from the different towns, which leads us to my favorite moment.

Troops of Cub Scouts came behind the horses with shovels and a wagon to scoop up the horse poo. The young cowboys pictured above started hooting and teasing the Cub Scouts as they marched by, and in response one of the scouts filled his shovel and launched its contents directly at the cowboys. It was kind of like poetry, watching this arc of horse manure sail through the air and splatter all over the boys' Wranglers and boots. The parents of the cowboys just laughed, which was awesome, so I guess the kids learned a valuable lesson that day about what happens when you tease people who possess shovels and lack impulse control. It's a good lesson for us all, I'd say.

After the parade was over they had a carnival set up in the park with craft and food booths and a band. The Dark Lord loooooved the music and kept running over to dance (read: gallop in a circle) in front of the stage.

We hung out there for a while, and then stopped in at Big J's Burgers in Richmond for lunch on our way home. The Dark Lord caught on quite quickly about what to do with the ketchup, as you see. Also? The food is good, but do not get the Big J burger. I made that mistake and ended up with a sandwich the size of a dinner plate. Just get a regular cheeseburger and you will be fine and happy and your innards will thank you by not rebelling later.

Other highlights of the day included afternoon naps and a big taco dinner with GH's extended family. My contribution to dinner was a big bowl of buttercrunch lettuce from my garden that I grew because I am now a gardener who grows. And then it rained all the next day, which was an Independence Day miracle. 

Happy Birthday, America. 

Did anybody else have any highlights they care to share?


Jen said... [reply]

Sometimes I tell people that the reason we left Provo for good was because of the militant demarcation of territory on University Ave the week prior to the Fourth of July Parade.

Save souls, not seats, people.

FoxyJ said... [reply]

My aunt was Rodeo Queen one year and for the rest of her life her nickname was 'queenie'. My parents are both from Wyoming so cowboys seem pretty normal to me, even though I didn't grow up there we spent almost every summer up visiting my grandma.

Saskia said... [reply]

I walked up University the day before the Provo parade and couldn't believe my eyes on the whole saving seats thing.

The day after though, I loved the llamas. And the "immodestly" dressed royalty floats. And the missionaries in the parade. It was my first 4th of July in the US for about 14 years, and I'd say it was a pretty fascinating one!

Desmama said... [reply]

We did the Hyrum parade and it sounds like a similar experience. Then we came home and sacked out in a nice air-conditioned home because my face was melting off. Also? I think we should go to That Famous Preston Night Rodeo. Good times there.

abby said... [reply]

The candy throwing thing is not unique to Cache Valley. I experienced in NJ and even in Provo.

Our 4th of July was hampered by the derecho we had on the 29th which killed power to 1/4 of DC and the 100 degree heat wave. It was way too hot and humid to celebrate. I bailed and went to the beach. Except for all the stars and stripes bikinis I saw I forgot it was the 4th of July.

AmyJane said... [reply]

You are freaking hilarious. I miss you.

coolmom said... [reply]

I beleive that the goal of all candy throwers in the Seward, Alaska parade is to aim for the head! And they have good aim. Ask Valli.
Don't even get me started on seat savers. For that reason alone, and there are many others, I would never live in Utah.

amber said... [reply]

I just want to know why they think 9:15 is a good time to start a parade? We decided at the last minute to head over from Cove and got there at 9:45 and missed most of the parade, 10 is parade time, always. And the parking your vehicle along the parade route is just weird, we just found a slightly less dense spot in the crowd and wedged ourselves in. I've been reading for a while now, but never commented and just wanted to say I really enjoy it here.

Cooldad said... [reply]

"I will never live in Utah." You heard here folks. There you have it. Looks like we are Florida bound for retirement.

emandtrev said... [reply]

You know I love me a cowboy, but you won't see mine saving seats or large expanses of property with a big truck. Heh.

We too went to the Hyrum parade and had a pretty nice time. It was hot, but the kids love it and I have to admit that I do too (except when those hilarious high schoolers come by with their water guns and shoot small children in the face--then I turn into an ornery mama bear).

annie (the annilygreen one) said... [reply]

we sit at the end of the parade route in provo...on center street. it's all part of my plan to not have to save seats, sit in the sun, or have my kids catch any candy (it's all gone by then!).

annie (the annilygreen one) said... [reply]

also, i like to watch fireworks from a high vantage point so we can see miniature shows all over the valley. no noise and no traffic. i'm sort of the scrooge of the 4th, apparently.

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