It is raining

If you should hear that a woman was arrested for lying naked on her front yard in order to more fully embrace the raindrops, it was probably me. I am considering it. The sight of a gentle drizzle falling on my yellow lawn is making me blissful beyond reason--like, Rupert-Penry-Jones-and-Richard-Armitage-are-both-on-my-front-porch-in-waistcoats-happy. I want this to last for days and days and put out all the fires and cool my house and heal my yard and also my soul.

Plus, here's a rainy day bonus: look what I just finished!

Basic Ribbed Socks pattern by Kate Atherly

These are for my sweet mom. Am so glad they are done because I know I'm supposed to go be productive while the Dark Lord is napping and clean the kitchen and hang picture frames and tackle the filthy oven the previous renters left me but this weather just makes me want to curl up in a big cozy armchair with my knitting needles and a big ol' wad of cashmere. And oh . . . look that this. I just bought the pattern for the Autumn Leaves Beret and my gorgeous prize yarn is right over there . . .

ps. Psst! North & South is over on Netflix now. So you can go see what I mean about Richard Armitage before the new Hobbit movie comes out and you see him as a dwarf and wonder about my tastes.


Saskia said... [reply]

When I stepped out of the door this morning I was a bit confused since this is very much what a Dutch summer looks like and I hadn't expected it in Utah--I hadn't even bothered looking out the window this morning, so used am I by now that every is hot like the day before.

coolmom said... [reply]
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coolmom said... [reply]

Love the socks! Did I mention we have a yard store in Seward? Waht's next? Maybe and Olive Garden or IKEA!

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