Sibling & Family pre-Thanksgiving Extravaganza!

Conversation between me and GH when he caught a whiff of my breath last night:

GH: Wait, are you okay?

Me: What?

GH: Did you throw up?

Me: No, why? Ohhhhhh . . . it's brie. I have brie breath.

Delicious, delicious brie breath . . .

I have three siblings who also live in Utah (the 4th is in Alaska with his family). And this year everyone was scheduled to be spending Thanksgiving with other people. But because we are awesome, we decided to get together on Saturday the 17th for our very own family pre-Thanksgiving Extravaganza. And then we created a Google documents spreadsheet to start working out food assignments, because that's how we roll--awesomely.

Wanna hear what we ate? Yeah you do.

Deviled eggs
Baked brie the size of a frisbee, I kid you not
Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes
Pioneer Woman sweet potatoes
Gluten-free cornbread stuffing
Stovetop stuffing
Cranberry sauce
Cranberry salad
Creamy jalapeno corn
Fizzy cranberry drinks (2 liters Sprite + 1 can frozen cranberry-raspberry juice)

It was amazing. We could barely make a dent into the mountains of food. Then there were the desserts. All these pies were homemade!

Pecan pie
Pumpkin pie
Banana cream pie
Chocolate cream pie
Peach pie
Apple pie
Vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

My favorite was the chocolate cream pie. Except the banana cream pie was so great and also had booze in it. And I had no idea I loved pecan pie so much until I tasted my sister Jenny's version. It's too bad that I'm a fan now, since it's about the nutritional equivalent of eating a Big Mac made of sugar and nuts. But oh well, one slice (or two, if you count breakfast the next morning) a year is okay, right? I also brought home some of the baked brie, which is how the introductory conversation came about.

The creamy jalapeno corn is something I discovered last Thanksgiving, courtesy of GH's cousin's Texan husband. I got the recipe afterwards and brought it to the Extravaganza and and dang is that stuff good. It's not too spicy unless you are including jalapeno seeds in there like some kind of maniac.

Creamy Jalapeno Corn

2 bags frozen corn (I used the 16 oz size)
8 oz (one package) cream cheese, softened
1 stick of butter, softened
Canned, fresh, or frozen jalapenos
Garlic powder
salt and pepper

Heat the cream cheese and butter together in a pot until creamy. Add frozen corn and then panic when things start clumping together. Have faith, and keep stirring until things seem okay again. Add jalapeno to taste (GH's cousin adds juice from the canned jalapenos for extra flavor as well). I had a bag of frozen diced jalapeno in the freezer already, so I just used some of that. Salt, pepper, and garlic to taste. I thought the recipe mentioned Seasoned Salt so I added in some of that too (it didn't though).

And now we get to have another Thanksgiving on Thursday. And I won't even care if none of my favorites are there because I just HAD all my favorites! Hah!! Such decadence! Now I feel a kinship with my Canadian friends who celebrate both the Canadian and the American Thanksgiving like genius people.

What are you bringing to your Thanksgiving dinner?


emandtrev said... [reply]
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emandtrev said... [reply]

Sheesh. This is what I get for typing with a baby on my lap. What I said was:

I am sorely disappointed that I was not invited to this feast. Just kidding, but only from an etiquette standpoint of not inviting myself to others' family meals. Heh. I really am disappointed I didn't get in on that action. Wow, it all sounds great.

I love pecan pie after living in Texas, which brings me to the first item I will be sharing during Thanksgiving dinner. We are also taking butternut squash (mashed and made with copious but awesome amounts of butter, brown sugar, and S&P), veggies including beets, and Lion House rolls.

Thursday, get here already. Yeah!

MBC said... [reply]

We went all traditional for Canadian Thanksgiving, so we're having tamales and pie for American Thanksgiving.

coolmom said... [reply]

Anybody seen a film called "Hungry for Change"? We watched it today in my Nutrition class. She really should've waited til after Turkey Day cause now all I feel like I should have is green juiced organic veggies topped with chlorophyll.

Jenny said... [reply]

You forgot to mention how great it was to eat the chocolate cream and pecan pie together. I think the family photographer should also be fired.

Saskia said... [reply]

My dad is moving two days after Thanksgiving, so we're just having dinner together and saving the turkey and pumpkin pie for Christmas. (My Thanksgivings revolve entirely around stuffing and pumpkin pie.)

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