Being terrified of baby animals

Thanks so much to everyone for your San Francisco suggestions! I leave tomorrow morning and am so stinking excited. Except I'm trying not to think about the part where maybe the Tiny Dark Lord will think that I've left forever and will either go into a decline or will start calling my sister-in-law "Mom" and then I will have to throw myself in a well, provided I can find one.

Ahem. Deep breath.

Wanted to share a few pics from Baby Animal Days, which I've been to before. This was the TDL's first year and I hoped he'd get a kick out of it.

Things he did seem to enjoy:
The tractors
The four-wheelers
The hot dog
The chips
My water bottle
Being carried the entire time

Things that terrified him:
Baby Lambs
Baby chicks
Baby ducks
Baby bunnies

And this is a kid who is not afraid of dogs or cats and who loves taking carrots to feed the neighborhood horses. But get a baby chick near him . . .

He did warm up to the bunny, as you can see. But the first few pictures were of him trying to burrow into my armpit so that Bunnicula couldn't get him. Also, that baby lamb sucked on my finger. At which point I died of happiness but had to remain standing so that TDL could stay several feet above the terrifying newborn farm animals.

Did you guys know that this is how baby horses eat because they have such long legs? I swear I do not know what precious thing they will think up next.


Jenny said... [reply]

Baby horses!!!! Your baby is cute too...

Liz Johnson said... [reply]

There is so much preciousness in this post that it should've come with a fainting warning. I mean, that baby horse?! C'MON.

FoxyJ said... [reply]

So, I have to be vain and link to an old post of mine with a video of my son freaking out about a kitten at the petting farm when he was two. Still one of my most favorite things ever (because I'm a cruel mom and I kept trying to get him to pet the kitty when he kept saying "cat eat me")


Desmama said... [reply]

So was Baby Animal Days worth it? I mean, I've heard it's getting so very crowded that it's kind of a hassle and the lines, even to get in, are really long.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

We did this every year we lived in Logan. We spent the whole time in the shed with the coal powered tractors. So, yeah, success.

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