Sherlock Season 3 Teaser

Update: Sorry about the missing video earlier! Anyway . . . 


I do love me some Sherlock.


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

There is some dark part of me that thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is the sexiest man alive. Star Trek just hit the dollar show this week; I may need to see it again. What a villain!

Nemesis said... [reply]

STM, I know, right???? MAN he was good in that. He kept messing with my head and I kept thinking, "Oh wow, maybe he actually is a good guy, except that was kind of mean, but still, he could be good--OH. No, yeah, he's for sure bad."

Jenny said... [reply]

Ugh that WAS a tease. Now I'm feeling all disgruntled.

Scully said... [reply]

Not just a dark part of me thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is the sexiest man alive, STM. I may be of the opinion that Khan was just misunderstood. But then, I also think Loki is in a tie with Idris Elba for sexiest Asgaardian alive. I may have issues. All those issues aside, have either of you watched The Last Enemy, which was a Masterpiece Contemporary miniseries a few years ago? I recommend checking it out. Also, Starter for 10 (with bonus James McAvoy) will give you a totally different view of Mr. Cumberbatch.

In other sexy British men news, if you are a fan of BC, I would recommend checking out Laurence Fox in the Masterpiece series Lewis. He may be blond, but he has a lot of the same qualities that make BC yummy. In case you needed something to fill the time before October 31st or whenever Sherlock will air on PBS in 2014.

Finally, the level to which Watson's mustache disturbed me is great.

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]


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