We didn't meet on the Internet

But I was his boss. So that's something.

When you've started dating someone, do you really have to make a blog announcement? Or can you just begin slipping things into your posts like, "I'm really sleepy this morning on account of what I was up to last night with my hot lovah." Except I think something like that might very well raise questions rather than answer them. Especially with people like, say, my dad.

So, the news of the day is that I have a gentleman friend. We're still deciding on a blog name, but you actually already know him if you follow this blog. He is smart, funny, kind, cute, and snarky. (And, as everyone knows, snarky = sexy.) There has been a bit of drama in the past--drama which I will not explain today because it makes me look like a freak. I'm doing my absolute best to remain drama free and so far it's working, which pleases me greatly.

So now when I start inflicting the Internet with the same case of Mentionitis that I currently unleash on my family and friends, you'll know who I'm talking about. And won't that be fun!


Cicada said... [reply]

There is nothing wrong with meeting on the Internet these days, you know. A few years ago, like Daltongirl, is a totally different story. But I'd say in the past year and a half, it's been okay.

Anyway. You already know that I'm excited that you're dating someone who's just right for you. He's had my vote from the beginning.

Mad Hadder said... [reply]

I met my husband on the internet 11 years ago. We met for the first time in Beijing. I was all the scandal of my community--internet dating with a man in CHINA????? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? But it has turned out to be one of the Best decisions I've made it my life. You go, Nemesis! Romance yourself into a lather!!!

Desmama said... [reply]

Already knowing The Drama, I must say that Blackmail never smelled so sweet. Not that I'd even dream of such a thing.

Well . . . ;)

Jon Boy said... [reply]

I think meeting people on the internet has been okay for at least five years.

abby said... [reply]

Ooo...nerd love. When I read the part about him being kind and cute, I inserted kind of cute in my mind. I was feeling sorry for the poor guy, but I misread it so it's ok. I know you're not that mean. You could call him boyscout.

jane dough said... [reply]

Yes, yes you do have to make a blog anouncement. For those of us who are stalking you from afar we need the updates.
Bully for you.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Cicada--I know there's nothing wrong with meeting on the Internet. Especially not since you did it and made it all cool an' stuff.

Mad Hadder, that story is crazy. But I'm glad it went well. Now I have to go scrub my brain to remove the "romance yourself into a lather" image. Please excuse me.

Desmama, do not succumb to the Dark Side. Even if you could.

Sure it has, Jon Boy. Sure it has.

Abby, you're more right than you know about the "nerd" bit. There will be stories. ;-)

Jane, I'm glad I made the right move, then! You know, for the stalkers.

Audra said... [reply]

I want to know more... when I get back from my whirlwind trip half way across the globe maybe I can call and catch up sometime... I gots free long distance.. woo hoo!

Claire said... [reply]

whoot whoot! Congrats on the boy toy!

Eva said... [reply]

you can't just give us so little information, Nem... we want to know EVERYTHING. I expect a three page (single-spaced) post from you ASAP.

Lady Susan said... [reply]

Oh my! I love these kind of posts because they give me a distorted view of reality--like we are actually friends, and I know what is going on in your life. When in actuality, I am just an internet stalker and you have no idea who I am.

In any case....looking beyond the weirdness factor of that last bit....he sounds fabulous: witty, snarky, hip. A good match for you. Whoohoo!

Azúcar said... [reply]

I met my husband on the Internet 13 years ago, but I never felt comfortable telling people until Cicada made it OK.

In related news, I'm so pleased for him that he's dating YOU.

Audra said... [reply]

Ok... I finally clicked on the links and saw the post about the circulation desk... reminds me of the Office and Jim & Pam... Pam always calls Jim to tell him over the phone (even though he is right there) the crazy things that go on around her desk...

so I think you should call him "Pam"! Haha!

Yep, I am an office nerd!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I dated a couple of guys after extensive email. It always fell flat. I think I'm better on paper.

Keeping my fingers crossed . . .

But then, you are fabulous, so you don't really need luck.

Nemesis said... [reply]

So it has been brought to my attention that I missed a couple of posts involving the Gentleman Friend (who, as it turns out, DOES read this blog).

There was also the Wii date, the chewing gum analogy, and the time he helped shovel me out of my driveway while listening to me bellow the s-word.

So, you know, clearly a keeper.

Kelly said... [reply]

Yeah, I'm with Cicada. Nothing. Wrong. With. Internet. Meeting.

That said, yay! Boys are fun.

There are all sorts of announcements on the blogs today!

Nemesis said... [reply]

I don't think anyone here suspects that I'm bagging on Internet meeters, but I may as well clarify that I'm actually quite surprised to be meeting compatible people "IRL." I just assumed that the Internet would be pretty much My Only Hope, there.

Jon Boy said... [reply]

Alright, it's true: I'm a big freaking nerd, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I met my wife on the internet (on the forum of a sci-fi/fantasy author, no less!). I also watch Battlestar Galactica. Maybe I'll just go join Nerds Anonymous now.

Ann-Marie said... [reply]

Yea! That's so exciting. Also, did you get my e-mail about the Living Green Festival?

chosha said... [reply]

I just reread those other posts and I like him already.

Nells-Bells said... [reply]

So, so happy for you. I agree, he is cute and awesome and the best. Glad things are going well. ;)

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